Today I was talking to my roommates and a couple friends about our inquiry projects and how different all of ours are since we’re in different classes.  I told them mine is on the harmful aspects of social media and that we have to incorporate pictures, videos, etc.  They found it so interesting I was…

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Social Media Positive?

“There is great potential for social media to positively influence profes­sional and personal lives as well as communities. The health-care industry (i.e., hospitals and practitioners) have found great success in helping patients and clients through social media. The medical field has found success in us­ing social media for disaster response; rapid, point-of-care consultation; and collecting…

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Social Media dependency

The reason we can’t keep our thumbs away from updating, liking, and hashtagging was explored in a study conducted by Harvard University’s Psychology Department that found that there is a biological reward that happens when people disclose information about themselves. “Self-disclosure was strongly associated with increased activation in brain regions that form the mesolimbic dopamine…

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