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I was interested in ds106.  When I Googled it, I found out that it was a Digital Storytelling course.  It is online and happens at different times throughout the year at the University of Mary Washington.  The most interesting aspect of the class for me was the way participants enter and leave the course at will.  The course is free and only requires a computer and an internet connection.  I was surprised at the freedom of the attendance and the flow in and out.

Because I am a Business Teacher who teaches computer classes for certification and coding is my new hobby, this really interested me.  While it is “billed” as a narrative or language course, it seems to be more of a computer course.  The stories are told using a video narrative.   Ds106 delves into the culture of the web.  The course addresses the web as a media source that allows for publishing in the public.

Because of my newly found love of code, I think that ds106 would be an awesome place to practice and use my coding knowledge.  I think this helps to class to grow and evolve just as the internet has.  I think the way participants are allowed to enter and exit gives life to the course and helps the material stay new and fresh.

I like the way students are able to pick the assignments that appeal to them.  This makes learning and performance more of an endeavor based on interests and likes.  Participants are not forced to explore avenues that do not appeal to them as a way to access the topics that truly draw their attention.

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  1. I, too, chose the ds106 as the term to investigate further. I see it as a platform for people to showcase their ideas and work as well. I know it is being used as an educational tool, but I can help but think that this is where people can have their own specialties in computer, writing, digital stories, game creation, etc…. put out there for the public to take notice. Perhaps I am missing the point of the objective. I could direct my history students to this site to create something to show their understanding of a specific content that I want them to be able to learn about on a deeper level. With this platform, I would most likely have students create a digital story utilizing the key words and ideas which affect society and government. They could create characters, setting, etc, in order to showcase their knowledge on the topic. Am I being to confining with my ideas? Should it be bigger? I am still trying to figure it out.

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