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After reading Keeping Pace with K12, I have to admit that I was surprised that the number of states that require online learning was so small.  Before reading, I assumed that most of the states, and certainly the states surrounding Virginia, already had these requirements in place.  Having taken quite a few online college classes, it seemed to me to be a natural progression.  I would have thought high school students would have a class dedicated to teaching them to be successful online students.  Having been in the classroom with students who are taking the hybrid course, my biggest concern is the relationship with how much we think they know about technology and how much they actually know about technology.  We see them “plugged in” all of the time, but they are not using the technology as efficiently as we think they are.  Without the hybrid class, I am sure many would find online college without guidance to be much too difficult and would give up.

Because I have used Virtual Virginia for a few years, I find that their set up and structure work well for me and my plans for the project.  They have definite areas of content and activities and assessments can be easily added.  While my plan is to use Schoology to actually create my module, I will use my experience in Virtual Virginia to design my platform.

While the online learning modules is a very successful way to deliver the material, I miss the interaction between the teacher and the class as a whole.  I know that with different assessment types (material manipulation, interactive activities, and quizzes) you can accomplish the student and teacher engagement with each other, but I miss the way the students learn from each other and how one question from one student leads to greater understanding for all students.

I read “Building Educator Capacity to Personalize Learning for Every Student”.  I think this is important to me because I want to be the best teacher I can be.  I went to school to learn to teach in the traditional way but now times have changed and I need to change with them.  I need to be taught to teach in the new era.  Students deserve that.

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  1. I was also surprised by the discrepancies between the requirements & availability of online learning when comparing states. With states such as Mississippi who have a low percentage of students who not only enroll but are able to enroll in digital learning environments it seems as if some students are at a huge disadvantage compared to others. Won’t this affect the way they students perform if they choose to pursue higher education, especially with the state of education heading more and more towards digital learning? With government involvement in public education and digital learning one would assume this would have been addressed.

  2. I think there are still opportunities for students to learn from one another in online courses. Just look at the conversations in this course. I try not to jump in until the week is over so that students learn from one another, and I think we are seeing great conversations on our blogs.

    You know what I mean?

    1. Yes, I agree. It is just a challenge for me to make sure that I provide these opportunities for student to student learning. I am trying to build this into my module.

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