For my final project, I have completed a lesson and a follow up and assessment project.  I feel like I may be able to use parts of the folder, but maybe not all of it.  So as far as feedback, I would like to know if my instructor and colleagues think this is something that can be done in my classroom.  I found that it is harder to teach online than I thought it was.  I found that I use much of my teaching or lecture time devoted to interaction with students and this is different when delivering online.

At the beginning of the class, we were informed that we would be graded based on completion and participation in the process.  I have completed all assignments and participated in the process so I should receive an “A”.

Virtual Reality

The most important aspect of virtual reality in education for me is the building of an instance or place that allows the students to become a first-hand witness to what happened.  Virtual reality will allow for real-time assessment of the knowledge students have and apply to real world situations.  It is easy for me to create a textbook answer on paper, but virtual reality allows the student to be put in the actual situation and respond to the stimulus.  Students like the look of the virtual world and are motivated to participate in the activities assigned there.  Because the impossible is possible there, students have the opportunity to think outside of the box and create new and original solutions to age-old problems.


I have learned new methods of effective electronic communication methods for instructions in the K12 environment.  I have seen the progression from the beginning of online learning through present-day online education.  I have seen the effects of emerging technologies and their impact on virtual teaching and learning.  I think I was impacted the most by the methods of online teaching that are available.  Being able to use and test out the different virtual learning platforms that are available.  I feel that I would have been able to enjoy the process more if I knew how I was doing in the class.  I feel that not knowing my grade put a damper on my enjoyment and motivation for the class.  By the time I got a grade report, I had already given up on the class.  I found Twitter to be the least effective for me.  Overall, I enjoyed the class and am glad I took it.


MOOCs fit in with what we have learned simply because their delivery is online.   Many MOOCs allow for interaction between students and instructors.  I feel that a MOOC can provide constructivism and connectivism but that depends on the mode of information that is provided.  If I watch a show on television, I feel less like I am being a part of the experience and more like a spectator.  If I am playing a video game on the same television, I feel more like a participant.  I think this would be true of online students as well.  If they are watching lectures and videos, then they are not really participating.  I think MOOCs have a place in K12 online learning, because it is another way students can receive information.  I could lecture and make that into a MOOC and student discussions during and after the lecture would constitute a MOOC.