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Best Practices

While reading the Best Practices article, I could not help but think, these are best practices regardless of the method of delivery of information to the students.   Teachers, in-person and online, should be “highly qualified”.  As a classroom teacher, I see students who need assistance in many ways and I go the “extra mile” to make sure they are successful.  Who wouldn’t?  I am extremely flexible with my time.  Many of the other qualities listed, are qualities that you simply need to be a successful teacher.  I think the similarities exist because you need to be a teacher regardless of where you teach.  Because I teach in a computer lab, I rely on technology.  I agree with the best practice of considering “student access to technology when integrating web based components into their course”.  As I am in the lab, my computer and internet access is reliable and available.  When designing an online course,  I have to remember that many of my students may not have internet at home and of those with internet, may not have reliable internet.  I feel that all of the practices listed are valid and I use them.  I am not aware of any that are missing.  My questions for online teaching are more along the lines of including enough information without making the lesson to cumbersome.    Teaching in person, I can go off on a tangent and it’s supported by the time allowed for the class.  I feel that if I go off on a tangent, I will use room that is better served in another way.