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The Coi framework consists of three overlapping ideals.  Social presence, teaching presence, and cognitive presence.  The idea of online learning must also be structured to include these ideals.  Social presence is simply creating and maintaining a learning environment that is supportive and allows for the development of relationships and trust amongst the participants.  Teaching experience is the methods that the teacher uses to design the instruction that is given to the students.  Cognitive presence is the way teachers reach the students and the way the students understand what the teacher is trying to teach.  By increasing the opportunities to have students use the material to engage with the teacher and other students, the social aspect of the class is increased.  Because the reasoning of how the material relates is up to each individual student, the student must be a master of his or her own cognitive abilities.   I think my module will rely on student contribution.  I plan to set up loose outlines and guides for where I want the module to go, but will include assignments where students add details to the content.  This should lead to forums where students can defend their particular approaches to the assignments.  I feel that the key is student investment.