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My name is Phyllis Bullock Eppes.  I am a Business Teacher at Powhatan High School.  I have taken my online classes in the past and I am excited about learning to teach in an online environment.  I have taught a hybrid course here and I am a strong user of Schoology.  This is my 9th year as a teacher.

I enjoyed reading the chapter this week. I think the area that most stuck out to me was accessability. When I was in undergraduate, I remember having one or two classes online (the entire four years). I remember that at that time, you had to be approved for online classes through the dean’s office and if you qualified; you would have to pay a large fee for the limited online classes that were offered. Reading this chapter, I have found that the situation has reversed. Online is now accessible to most, if not all students. People are encouraged to pursue online learning as a means to integrate education into the lives they currently have. When I used Blackboard before, we had times to meet for the discussion board and things were handled very much like being inside a classroom, just in silence. Modern online education is extremely different.
Our school system uses Twitter and so this was not new to me. I feel that students do not take Twitter seriously enough to have it be an important part of education.