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I think it is extremely important to address SRL in the beginning of the learning module.  I feel that students should know from the very beginning that they will have different levels of activity and responsibility in comparison to a face-to-face class.  Students need to know that the level of commitment needs to be there from the beginning in order for success to be obtained at the end.  I think I will address it with a time listing on each assignment.  This way students know how long each week will take and the amount of independent work they will be required to produce.  While the time a student decides to dedicate to the class is up to the student, I think it is important for the student to know what is expected.  Some students may decide that they need more outside regulation than is offered through the online format.  Some students may decide they like the self-regulation of the online aspect and decide to take most classes online.  Some students may decide that they benefit most from the hybrid format.  I just think they need to know all of the facts before beginning the class.