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Eppes – Social Media and Business

Social Media and Business TPACK Design

Lesson Description:

This lesson is for Principles of Business and Marketing, a high school class consisting of ninth and tenth graders.  The lesson is about social media and its role in business.  I plan to use this lesson to cover Competency 59, which discuss the impacts of technology on employment, business operations and global activities.  Students will read and react to articles about the relationship between social media and business.  Students will be led to analyze the facts and form their own opinions about what is not acceptable in the world of business.  This lesson will be delivered in a hybrid format with foundation knowledge being acquired outside of class and application addressed in class.

  1. The main Content (C) of this lesson is learning understanding the positive and negative uses of social media; identifying ways in which social media can be used in the workplace; and understanding how social media can be used for marketing and communication.
  2. The main Pedagogy (P) of this lesson is discussion and reflection of the articles. Students will participate in discussion boards, all done through the use of Schoology.


  1. The main Technology (T) of this lesson is the use of workplace videos, PowerPoints, and the online discussion board.


Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

The reason that the articles, PowerPoints, and workplace videos fit into this lesson is because the class is designed to teach students to thrive in the workplace.  Lessons are designed so that they are multiple answers and there is no real right or wrong answer. Learning activities are constructed so that students discover and build knowledge for themselves and develop largely on their own an understanding of concepts, principles and relationships. They are left to decide and defend their views of what is acceptable business behavior in certain circumstances.

Technological Content Knowledge (TCK)

By using business-relevant articles, I hope to express the importance of these issues in the real business world.  Students will be invited to share and support their views in the discussion board.  Videos will help them to visual the way an office or business or politics works.

Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK)

Using the articles, videos, and PowerPoints to deliver the material fits because each item is concise.  The student can use each item individually or together as a set to form opinions for the discussion board.

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

I am using the relationship between social media and business to meet my Competency 59 requirements.  The use of Schoology to deliver the material alleviates the time needed to read in the classroom.  The use of the discussion board platform gives students the space and time to provide well-constructed responses to the situations they are presented with.  I think the electronic delivery also makes the material portable and allows students to read and reread sections in ways that help them to absorb and reflect on the material.  Students will be assessed by their responses to hypothetical situations and the support they provide for their view.