Humans, Science, Reality, and Change

Cultural perception is how people gather information regarding their cultural backgrounds and the history involved with it. Embodiment is a feeling or idea; the representation or expression of something. The way you give a form to ideas such as, love, hate, fear, sadness, and happiness. Science is constantly changing and advancing their findings, just like different cultures are changing their lifestyles. For example, Richmond was the capital of the confederacy during the civil war, as well as the largest slave trade in America. Today, Richmond, Virginia, is known for its art culture and diversity. Everything in America is rapidly changing, just as humans are. Children are taught at a young age to be technically advanced, while older aged folks are stubborn to retire their old ways of living life, such as eating dinner at the table as a family, no cellphones or computers, and no self-driven, high-tech cars. Decades ago, it was unacceptable to be attracted to, let alone marry someone of the same gender but society has changed its ways drastically. There are many other examples of human identity and cultural changes today. In my opinion, humans create their reality by association with their society. Reality is, simply, situations that exist in real life. But humans can also make it the unknown. Reality can be dreams, thought up ideas that are imaginary. The human mind is extraordinary and is always thinking and dreaming; it is constantly working. Life is between an illusion and reality, what you think and what is actually real. Humans are brought up to be independent men and women who grow up, get a job, get married, and have children but over the past decades’ things have changed to letting go of the norm of this stereotypical lifestyle that humans have. Women are becoming more independent; the marriage rate is decreasing, and the divorce rate is increasing. Women are deciding not to have children and men and women are roughly getting paid at an equal rate, and people are not as religious anymore.  Human life is complicated in every aspect and if you were to try to figure out why, you would waste your whole life away instead of learning to live your life to the fullest. People can either live like everyone else, the normal way, or be ordinary and do your own thing. Our minds change reality and reality changes cultures. Life is changing, humans are changing, and culture is changing, physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

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  1. This is a really interesting mindset. My take on the matter is that everyone is in control of their own life and reality and both are only as good as you make them to be. I think a point relating to this is that every day, every one of us wakes up and goes through the same 24 hours of tiny interactions and these tiny interactions are what add up and create our life. Each day we go through our own realities and these add up to our own lives. However, I’m having trouble understanding your point here. I agree that the world is changing, society is changing, we create what we know in our realities from our surrounding societies, but what is your main point from all of this?

  2. From the beginning, your title caught my eye. I’m glad I chose to read this because it was very interesting. However, you presented many great thoughts to the point it was a little confusing to interpret what you were trying to say since so many thoughts were going through my mind. You gave great examples of how society is changing each and every day. We might not be realizing it since we’re living it, but society is becoming more and more open-minded and accepting. Also, I think each and every generation is becoming more open-minded which makes me think. A decade from now, what other changes will we make?

  3. I want to start off by saying that this was really well put! I agree with your statement that humans create their own reality based upon their surrounding society. Not everyone lives life the same way as someone else. We are not required to get a job, get married, have kids, etc now like people did in the past; in all honesty we have the liberty to do any of those things in any order without as much judgement. Before if a woman was to become pregnant before she was married it was extremely frowned upon, yet many people now and some that I know are having children and not planning on getting married right away. It is overall a really interesting to look back and see the drastic differences in our society now compared to 30-40 years ago.

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