I’m sure many people can relate to this blog. With the end of the semester coming to end there are many things that have been on my mind lately worrying me to death, even if they shouldn’t. I have applied to the nursing program, and many people who have applied can probably relate to this but… the stress is UNREAL. I am basically a ticking time bomb waiting until May 1st to know if I got in or not. There are good and bad things about this. If I get in, I will be unbelievably happy and grateful, but the bad thing about getting in is finding somewhere to live next year. Since there are no on-campus housing options available to me, I’ve been looking for off-campus apartments to live in. My best friend from home, who is also my roommate this year and I want to live together next year again but she has already signed a lease for an apartment but I cannot sign a lease until I know if I got in or not because if I don’t get into the nursing program, I am unfortunately going home, and with that being said, the other room available with her could be taken by someone else and I wouldn’t be able to live with her. If I don’t get into the nursing program and I go home, I will do a two-year program through the Sentara nursing program or go to the community college near my house to get my degree in nursing. On top of that, I am having to take two five-week summer courses this summer at a community college an hour away from my town because they don’t offer it anywhere else. Either way, I’m hoping everything works out. I am a believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason”. I have worked extremely hard this year at VCU to get good grades, better than my grades in high school, to pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse. I haven’t had the best experience here at VCU and I don’t know exactly why. I haven’t made many friends and I haven’t joined a lot of clubs like I said I would… but I feel like the reason is because I’ve got myself so wrapped up in school work and doing homework and studying that I have no time to relax and give myself “me time”. I know college is stressful, but I feel like it shouldn’t be this stressful! So, if anyone has any tips on how to calm down (A.K.A take a chill pill), please let me know! Also, if anyone wants to be my friend and hangout, feel free, I need some girl friends xoxoxo.

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  1. I totally agree with you! I know your stress is real, I have an associate who just applied to the nursing problem for the second time and she is so stressed out about getting in this go round!!! I just want to say don’t be stressed, you got this and hopefully you will get in and live your best life in learning how to take care of us human begins. Just some quick tips I do to keep me from loosing my mind with all the things I have going on is college, which one you’ve hit is ensuring I take some me time. Like I text my friends and say from this time to this I’ll be doing something so I can have no distractions just me, myself, and I. Secondly, just prioritize really well getting your work done and just be intentional about it.

  2. I’m totally with you. The stress is real this time and it’s got bigger than what it was in high school. At least for me it feels like that middle school was the pre-warm up phase, while the high school phase was just the warm-up part of it. With college being the real-deal this time, as for a bucket load of assignments that are given on a daily basis. It feels like I’m living in the James Branch Cabell Library every single day of my college life. While seeing my dorm only in the early morning and late night. As to wondering on when will the VCU graduation of class 2022 come by, because what I expected out of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was totally different. As for the college that I have always wanted to go to in my dreams, has definitely not made it a worthwhile stay over here. With instead giving me a huge tub of stress and allowing me to not eat for at least 2 to 3 days in a row some times. As I’m just waiting for the day to graduate out of VCU and leave Richmond forever in 2022. So the best advice I can give you is that don’t be me and be yourself.

  3. Hey beautiful! Girl first of all, we can be friends! Email me at I understand the stress that you are experiencing. I felt just like that returning back to school from spring break. I felt like a load was just dumped on me. However, something to lighten your mood is this semester is almost over so hang in there! 🙂 You got this!! Some time I use to manage stress: I pray, delete social media off of my phone because I spend a lot of time on it, and I do breathing exercises, and also when I need to get a lot of things done I put my phone on do not disturb so I can zero-in and focus on what I need to do.

  4. I too have been very stressed lately but I have learned that it is based on how I spend my time. Although I am not much of a partier, I still find ways to spend my time that does not benefit me when I am trying to get things done. I think having a planner definitely helps with the stress that comes with juggling a bunch of things at once. Also, do not every forget to take time for yourself so that you can take a step back and breath. If you are stressed out and flustered with everything that is going on in life, you may get your work done but you may not be working to your full potential.

  5. I think that this is one of the most relatable topics to write about. I’m also worried about my pre-radiation science program that I really want to get into. I came to this school specifically for this program and I have my interview for it on Friday. I’m trying not to stress about it but I really want to graduate on time and have everything work out. I can’t even imagine having the stress of looking for some place to live. I commute so I don’t have to worry about that problem but I do hope that everything works out and you get into your nursing program!

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