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During my first year of college, I’ve let myself go. I have gained weight, ate bad, and don’t work out as much as I should. Before college, I ate super healthy and cooked most of my food. I lost twenty pounds in a month in a half just by cooking healthy foods with a healthy amount of carbs and lots of protein and even more water. When I got to college, I didn’t even think about gaining weight or being unhealthy. But as the time has gone by, my jeans are getting tighter. I feel like there are not as many options as there should be. I eat so bad here because there is no other option. I am a super picky eater and that does not help my situation at all. I should also work out more than I do now. I work out MAYBE once or twice a week and we all know that doesn’t do anything good for the body. Also, I don’t give myself enough relaxation time or any me time for that matter. I seclude myself in my room while I do homework, study, lay in bed doing nothing and I always think about wanting to go sit in the park to get fresh air, or take a bubble bath, go swimming, go sit in the hot tub, do some yoga, go for a walk, etc., but since I am so self-conscious about myself now, its hard for me to go out and present myself in a bikini to go swimming. So, from here on out, I’m going to focus on myself and become a healthier me but also focus on my school and my future. I know that I have an unbelievable support system between my family and my friends and my boyfriend. People can always tell you over and over how much they support you and sometimes you just need more than that. You need yourself and the support from yourself to keep going and move forward. We can all put ourselves down so much, but for what? We all have so much potential, we are so strong and all of us are so beautiful. We will all be successful and accomplish anything that we put out minds to. We need to not stress about every little so often and focus on ourselves, stress about our importance, our health and our well-being. I love you all. <3

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  1. I absolutely loved your blog post, I can relate to this on such a deep level because it does feel like I too just stopped trying to do anything that is healthy for my body. As you said I am also a picky eater and it does not help when there are not a lot of options and I get lazy a lot of times. I have been gaining weight and really need to hit the gym, but the second I do I remember some kind of homework or studying that needs to be done,, and it makes me crazy. I have made this year about trying to better myself and it’s still an on-going battle. One thing, that has helped me, is going to Safer to eat, I know the food isn’t the best but at least it isn’t too unhealthy. I also have tried to set schedules for my week that include study times and gym times so I can have the right balance of both. I wish you good luck and remember taking a day for yourself can change your mood for the entire week.

  2. I agree so much because I gained 15 pounds in college. There’s a saying called the freshman 15 because people usually gain weight. I never ate out as much as I do now. my mom use to make home cook meals every night and I did sports all year long. Our school has a gym but I never go because I’m not motivated. VCU needs places with healthier food options beside just fast food.

  3. I agree with you that there are not enough healthy food options here at VCU. Sure you could walk a long ways a pay your own money for something healthy, but VCU needs to offer more. The only healthy places I know of are ShakeSmart, Croutons and Freshii, but even then you have to choose wisely. There are so many fast food options that makes it really convenient to eat unhealthy. I think VCU pushed more for the big elaborate gym, which is great I’m not complaining, but some healthier food options would be appreciated. All in all, I think we need to stress less and focus more on self care, which of course is hard being a full time student.

  4. This is a very relatable blog! In high school I ran track and XC and was actually going to try out for VCU’s track team. I was fairly good at track, my mile time was 5.48. I was ready to be a part of a program that I would love and would benefit my body. As school got closer and harder I let go of the idea of running or trying out. I stopped working out, I ate unhealthy, and I probably couldn’t even run under 6 minutes now if you asked me to. I let school get the best of me and take my time, eating habits, and health all away. Not to mention stress can be a lot on the body and can cause health issues like weight gain, acne, etc. As bikini season approaches I am trying to get back into working out because I am feeling insecure about how I look. It’s funny to think I thought I didn’t have a good body in high School when now I could really appreciate that body I used to have. I know appearance isn’t everything but working out regularly and putting the right stuff in our bodies can make such a difference and now is just a matter of getting back on track!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about the options of healthy food options here at VCU. Many people who don’t go to VCU would tell me to just go to the cafe or something but little do they know what it is like eating at the cafe. Just like you I did do track in high school and my senior year is the year I was the most fit and lost the most weight. Though going to the gym does take time out your day I can definitely say it is worth it because of how you feel afterwards. It is definitely a form a therapy for me especially since I go at 5:45 am. Keep working hard and you’ll be right on track with getting your body back. I find that having that down time to yourself also helps to because college is definitely stressful. But it is worth it to take some time and to just relax your brain.

  6. I definitely love your blog because I know many people including myself who needs to read this and understand that they are not alone. I recently have been taking steps to better take care of myself while in college, because there is so much going on in college that sometimes I lose track of it all. I found that it is really helpful to give yourself a relax day and to stay in contact with friends and family from back home. Getting back into my workout routine has made me feel more energized and I have been more productive while giving myself a mental break.

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog, it is a little bit of something that I can relate to. Before my senior year in High school, I worked out a lot, and I got some muscles and abs from that. But ever since I got a job, I have been working out less and eating more, I gained weight from that and lost my abs and muscles. Now since I am in college, it is hard for me to go to the gym and work out more. It may sound easy, but convincing yourself to go work out for at least an hour is hard. I am trying to do a workout with a personal trainer to see where it will take me in the future to see if it will help me to convince myself to go work out, or not.

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