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I have many things on my bucket list and sky diving is not one of them. My number one thing would have to be going to Greece, specifically the Skopelos Islands in Greece (where they shot Mama Mia). Ever since I saw the movie, I knew I had to go there. Who knows, maybe I’ll go and never return, just like Donna! I’ve always been drawn to the places with old and colorful buildings and crystal-clear water. The second thing on my bucket list is to go swimming with sea turtles. Turtles are my most favorite animal and they have been since I was a little girl. Snorkeling is definitely high up on my bucket list. Another place I’d love to go is Malibu, California. As you can tell, I love any place with a beach which is weird because I live at the beach… but its just not the same. Id love to meet Mark Wahlberg. He is by far my favorite actor…everything about him is so dreamy <3 For more realistic items on my bucket list, I want a beach wedding with my family and closest friends, nothing too fancy and not too expensive. I’d love to have a low-key wedding and use the extra money to travel since being a nurse will give me little free time. Creating a family that is loved and grows up knowing and loving God is something that I have always wanted. Id love to own a million dogs and bring every dog in the animal shelter home with me, but I know that can’t be possible or realistic, so I’d like to save a couple of animals from the animal shelter, since I am such an animal lover. I’d love to do something to help our oceans too. I am a beach girl, no where near close to a city girl so I want to do anything and everything I can to save our oceans and our sea life. But then again, I can’t do it all by myself and everyone should be doing something to save it. I have many more things on my bucket list but these are on the top. Hopefully, before my time comes, I can accomplish some of these things while also being successful. I would love to hear everyone else’s bucket list dreams in the comments, maybe it will give me more ideas and things to add!

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  1. What drew me in about this blog post you goal of going to the Skopelos Islands in Greece. This is also on my bucket list and has been there since I was little when I first watched Mama Mia. It always was my favorite movie as a child with a message that I feel connected too. Over this past summer I did get close to this goal by going to where they filmed the second Mama Mia all by accident too! When I was in Croatia over the summer we took a ferry to another little Island and when we were there I looked it up reading about the island and found it was the same place they filmed Mama Mia 2 and it was such a cool experience.

  2. That’s a lot of futuristic dreams, which you want to accomplish. But it’s a good thing at the same time. Because if you don’t have a bucket list, passion, or any type of dream that you would want to accomplish. Then you’re mostly considered someone without a goal in life or just mostly boring in some terms. From reading this blog post, it looks like you would be most interested in settling at a beach that is near Malibu, California. With a family that is adored and grows up knowing about your religion. That ties up in to an exquisite life for you and your future family. So all the best and I hope you are able to tick mark everything off your bucket list.

  3. So, as I read this I laughed cause I’m like wow she wants millions of animals??!! Lol, I barely like the dog I have, he’s only a puppy but he’s so dang hard head. But anyways, that has nothing to do with what you said I think its pretty cool your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish one day. When you said you wanted to go snorkeling with sea turtles I thought of the movie Finding Nemo when Marlin had to do this. Anyways, I hope you accomplish your bucket list and are able to travel and meet your dreamy Mark Wahlberg.

  4. I feel as if having a bucket list is very healthy for us. It allows us to want to go pursue something instead of being locked in on our cell phones and screens all day long. Even though the things we want to do might not sound realistic the moment that we propose them, it is our drive that motivates us to do something a little extra such as working overtime, staying at the library longer, or doing that extra chore that you have always dreaded of doing. It is with completing these little things that allow for us to take on much more difficult tasks that will come along the way in the future for us to make these destinations and dreams a reality.

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