Critical response/reflection to The City and The City

The City & the City, a science fantasy novel, was a book written by China Mieville. This book stood out to me in a very interesting way reflecting its language. This book was difficult for me to understand because of the language, and since I am not a frequent reader it was hard to really understand the text as well as have the motivation to finish it. The storyline was interesting as well as the background information regarding the two cities, Ul Qoma and Beszel. The fact that the individuals who live in these two cities are trained to unsee and unhear anything involving their rival city even though there is no physical divide that separates the two is amazing and unbelievable. If residents of the cities do not follow these rules there are serious consequences for them. Foreigners who come to tour the cities have Breach constantly watching their every move even though they are not familiar with these laws or rules that the cities have in place. Another thing that stood out to me was that these two cities share the same geographical land but are considered two very different cities. Residents of the cities differentiate themselves from the other by their clothing, buildings, and speaking different languages. The book focuses on the murder of a woman named Mahalia Geary, an American woman, who has been studying as an archeologist for years. Inspector Tyador Borlu of the Extreme Crime Squad and his partner Constable Corwi are assigned to this case and instantly have a weird and unusual feeling that the murder has something to do with illegally crossing the cities and feels it is a matter for Breach to handle. Mahalia was studying the fictional city called Orciny , a third city. Because Mahalia was interacting with the theory of Orciny, it is suggested and proven that it costed her her life as well as her best friend, Yolanda’s. People who believed Orciny was a real place were posed to be dangerous and threatening. The people that Mahalia surrounded herself with, people who believed and studied Orciny, did not benefit her in any way, resulting in her death caused by the author of the forbidden book, Between the City & the City, David Bowden. The secrets and dangers that come with living in these two cities is life threatening to everyone. One wrong move and it could risk their life and anyone’s around them.