What were the primary things that you discovered during the virtual simulated activities? What were your identified strengths and weaknesses? One think I discovered during the virtual simulated activities was the importance of follow-up questions, which was not really included in the virtual simulations. Another thing I learned, specifically with Molly‚Äôs case, was how important… Continue reading ICE 1

Virtual Gallery

This poem is describing the experience of someone who lives with chronic pain, indicated by the term of endearment of “dear familiar” towards pain. Speaking from experience, only someone who has lived with chronic pain can look this deeply into what pain means in general and to them individually. I felt like words helped me… Continue reading Virtual Gallery

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My Intro!

My name is Morgan Harper and I am a graduate student in VCU’s DPT program. Originally from Ashburn, VA, I spent my childhood playing soccer, which led to an array of injuries that pointed me in the direction of the healthcare field. My interest in Physical Therapy was piqued when I had to through therapy… Continue reading My Intro!

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