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Andrew standing in front of cave
Visiting the caves at Grutas de Cacamahuilpa National Park during study abroad in Mexico, 2019

I’m Andrew Harris, a senior early education major / Spanish minor. My professional goal is to be a teacher of English to emergent multilingual students, with a particular interest in Spanish/English Dual-language Immersion.

I came to VCU after spending 2017-2018 volunteering with AmeriCorps as a literacy tutor in the Washington, DC, metro area. My experiences working with young students from diverse linguistic backgrounds affirmed that pursuing a degree in early childhood/elementary education was the right way to go.

In addition to my coursework at VCU, I have been fortunate to work as an undergraduate research assistant for the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium (MERC) in the VCU School of Education. My work has included quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, co-presenting at conferences, and writing contributions to various scholarly publications and MERC reports.

woman, man, sitting on a chair smiling while dog lies under their legs
Sarah, me, and June hanging out over the holidays.

I live in the historic Jackson Ward district of Richmond with my partner, Sarah, and our hound dog, Juniper. My hobbies include running, reading, and bargain hunting. I also enjoy fixing broken electronics and doing maintenance on the 1994 Ford pickup I bought when it was retired from a landscaping business. I may or may not have played synth for a South Carolina punk band in the early 2010s.

You can find me on twitter at  and linkedin.



kylerogers January 27, 2021

Nice to meet you, Andrew, and I hope your semester is starting off well! Your career path sounds very cool and fulfilling. As somebody who struggled through Spanish 5 in high school and came away feeling like I’d learned very little actual Spanish, I feel strongly that schools should strive for multilingual and multicultural classrooms. Good luck with the course!

wmontyjones January 28, 2021

I want to hear the band

Andrew Harris February 4, 2021

The songs may or may not be written from the perspective of a toddler.

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