FIP Geolocation

Step 1) Ideally, my topic would revolve around: the fitness industry (muscle and fitness), marketing, celebrities, fan (person).

The fitness industry “offers many exercise and nutritional tips, while at the same time advertising a variety of nutritional supplements from companies such as Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition.”

Marketing is a “means of communication between the company and the consumer audience. Marketing is the adaptation of the commercial activities and use of institutions by the organizations with a purpose to induce behavioral change on a short-term or permanent basis.”

A celebrity is “fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, or group of people (celebrity couple, family etc.), or occasionally, to animals or fictional entities. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune) and fame can often provide opportunities to make money.”

A fan is “a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a genre, a book or an entertainer. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom.”

My project mostly revolves around marketing and the fitness industry. I view this two subjects as connected where as the fitness industry is using multiple marketing techniques and tricks to pursuade and manipulate people into buying products. I hope to bring this into light by showing the medical effects of the fitness industry’s marketing techniques.



FIP Nugget 4

“Every well-known star starts as a celetoid, by achieving or inheriting fame, or by having fame attributed to them. During this initial stage, it could be argued that their own concept of self, the celebrifier, is more important than their public image, the celebrified. If, over time, the celebrified becomes more significant than the celebrifier, celetoids become celebrities. This may best be considered as a continuous process, due to the difficulty of pinpointing when exactly this transformation takes place. When the celebrifier passes away and only the celebrified remains, the celebrity becomes an icon.”

Blinded by the Starlight

This nugget really spoke out to me because it sums up the mindset and process every celebrity goes through in their rises to fame. This also continues off of the inquiries made from my previous nuggets (1 and 2); what goes through the mind of the person who manipulates the masses? How do they deal with the guilt if there is any? How do they see their actions? From this current nugget, it seems that celebrities ignore the damage their actions cause by focusing on their public image. Although it seems arrogant, it is a product of the actions of the fans who expect so much of the celebrity. This could be a counter claim that argues against my claims, and because it is such, I must research more to defend against it.


Investigators Assemble and Reflect!

Looking at the concept experiences written up by my peers I am still quite confident in my progress and inquiries. I feel I could have started much earlier, but I have been known to push my responsibilities just a bit. My difficulties as well as ideas are shared by many of my peers, including this blogger who focuses on the reason why we find slapstick comedy funny. The topic is not what I can relate to, but instead it is the type of research being made. I find that I can relate to this bloggers sources that go into the mind of the ones who laugh and make light of very serious situations by comparing it to how scam artists can cope with guilt and hate. I also relate to this blogger who had a difficult time finding sources to support her claims and make arguments. I had a rough start as well, but it seems to flow now that I have read and analysed my peer’s sources. I feel I also connect with this blogger and how they plan to use their dreamers to support their claims. Finally, this blogger who’s focus is the closest to mine, gives me a good amount of confidence that I am on the right track seeing how my research and sources are quite similar. It’s nice to see the unit progressing as a whole.


Investigators Assemble!

Part 1: The Gathering

My three nuggets and current sources can be summarized to explain how an idol like sixpackshortcuts can manipulate the masses into following him and his commands like sheep. They also go into the pychology of the idol and what they might feel whilst manipulating and how they would cope with the possible giult and emotional stress that comes with it.

My tags consist of:

fitness, marketing, supplements, bodybuilding, health, youtube, social media, celebrity, and fame.

Part 2: The Planning

The discussion would begin by speaking of the culture of the fitness industry and the health system of today, how it is based off of self hating and low self esteem. It would go on to how entreprenuers could see this as an opportunity to make a lot of money off of peoples’ weaknesses, pushing into the psychology of the producer and how they deal with possible guilt from either ripping people off or harming their health.

Part 3: The Advising

My three dreamers play into this quite well because they all show how the growth of technology has affected human intellect. Licklider helps in showing the possibilities of combining technology with human intellect; ergo the creation of the internet, Engelbart provides evidence in how techonology has evolved and become much more simplified in a way that it can be used by all; the formation of social media websites including youtube, and Nelson shows the downfall in the generalization of technology, how we have become lost in the path of improvement and success, how we are forgetting the true potential of technology and its connection with human intellect, etc; instead of using the vast resources of the internet to satisfy our curiousity we depend on overly simplified and mostly uneducated sources who appeal to us (sixpackshortcuts).

Part 4: The Missioning

This would all be wrapped up with the strong example of the youtube sensation sixpackshortcut who became a celebrity in a matter of months based off the insecuirity of teens and is now not as active on youtube as he was when he first began the climb to fame. I would like to answer the inquiries of how he rose to fame, what kept his audience mesmorized, and why he may have taken steps back away from being a part of his creation.


FIP Nugget 3

“As global obesity rates rise, researchers have observed that greater media use during childhood and adolescence is associated with higher weight status and poorer fitness in adulthood. However, evidence exists of a media-use relationship on other end of the scale. Exposure to certain media seems to be significantly associated with body dissatisfaction, vulnerability to heightened weight-control, and dieting disorders.”

Body Image, Eating Disorders, and the Relationship to Adolescent Media Use

This source does a great job explaining the audience of Mike Chang and the audience he tries to appeal to. The sickness of his and many others’ marketing schemes is truly sad when it comes to light. I hope to help others understand this tactic that so many rising youtubers and other “fitness role models” are adopting. This source does an excellent job using both qualitative and quantitative analysis to defend their claims.


Inquiry and Research Reflection

Week 2 of phase 2 has really helped me narrow down my inquiry and focus. I was in a bit of confusion of how I was going to make my inquiry focus narrow enough or focused on something actually researchable, but as I looked for key words and sources, the inquiry and focus almost literally fell in my lap. The research did the work of finding them both for me. Also, comparing my project to my peers, I am realising many similarities which is quite reassuring; knowing I am not the only one and that I could use their help in order to write up my project. What I can’t seem to understand in my inquiry though is the psychology of the celebrity or idol; What drives someone to pursue fame? How does this affect one’s life? Is it positive or negative? I hope to answer these questions and more in my future research within psychology of fame.


Research Progress Reflection

So far my research has been on public opinion and culture. This focus has helped me understand my inquiry much better and has built a confidence that it is the right topic for me. It seems as if my peers are progressing as I am, and honestly it isn’t too difficult to relate to their inquiries, for example; Eric, Joshua, Griffon, and Vanessa. Eric shows how celebrities or figures sway the masses and become idolized by others affecting the culture of whatever they are representing. Joshua speaks of social media and how it creates fame which directly relates to my inquiry and how youtube channels such as sixpackshortcuts got so famous. Griffon’s inquiries really goes to show the power of journalism and how it can sway the masses. This can be used to help create ideas in my project which discusses the reasons on why people idolize and follow celebrities or in his case, journalists. Finally, Vanessa and my inquiry project connect through the focus on how organizations can convince people to donate, which can be compared to my inquiry of how celebrities or idols can control their viewers by affecting their culture, making them buy products, etc.


Technology Forcasting and Social Change FIP Nugget 2

“OSN dynamics and inherent patterns of operation are being investigated by academia as a means of studying, for instance, ICT-enhanced social change. Industry uses them to detect new commercial trends and establish marketing strategies.”

-Technological Forcasting and Social Change

Looking at the strategies of sixpackshortcuts who obviously manipulates the views of the masses to do things such as buy his products, promote his channel, etc, this source does an amazing job explaining such a phenomenon. I am constantly searching for sources that answer “why” question for my inquiry to furthur develop my argument, and with the use of proper evidence and studies, this source as well as my first nuggetted source truly help in that search.

To compare this to one of the dreamers I chose, Nelson does a great job in explaining how the social reaction to technology determines how it will be used in the future, to connect this to the source, I can explain the power of social trends and how they affect the culture of products and actions.


The Health Guru FIP Source Nugget 1

“Within today’s gym culture, the hard, beautiful body is idolized as both an aesthetic and a sexual object. The body that is sculptured to perfection is partly revered because it symbolizes success and hard work and partly because it awakens desire and has become a beauty ideal”

-The Health Guru: Masculinity and Fitness Coaching in the Blogosphere

This nugget directly deals with my Inquiry Project because it explains why the fitness industry is idolized to such an extent today, and how Mike Chang from sixpackshortcuts has enslaved such an audience. With an above average body and false promises, Mike Chang promises people, mostly uneducated youth, that their dreams of being fit and therefore seen as successful and “beautiful” is easily attainable through his advice and knowledge. This source has assisted me immensely already and can be one of my main sources used in the text, the only issue is it deals with blogging media rather than visual such as youtube, but the concepts remain.


Finalizing My Dream

I plan to focus my Inquiry Project on the sixpackshortcut youtube channel and how the fame of the channel came about. I plan to use the three dreamers to expain how technology has progressed in a way that information is given through videos and how we use this source whilst comparing it to the views of previous scholars. This will help resolve the upbringing of such a channel and how the human mind has evolved to grow its fame and methods. Licklider helps in showing the possibilities of combining technology with human intellect, Engelbart provides evidence in how techonology has evolved and become much more simplified in a way that it can be used by all, and Nelson shows the downfall in the generalization of technology, how we have become lost in the path of improvement and success, how we are forgetting the true potential of technology and its connection with human intellect, etc.

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