Technology Forcasting and Social Change FIP Nugget 2

“OSN dynamics and inherent patterns of operation are being investigated by academia as a means of studying, for instance, ICT-enhanced social change. Industry uses them to detect new commercial trends and establish marketing strategies.”

-Technological Forcasting and Social Change

Looking at the strategies of sixpackshortcuts who obviously manipulates the views of the masses to do things such as buy his products, promote his channel, etc, this source does an amazing job explaining such a phenomenon. I am constantly searching for sources that answer “why” question for my inquiry to furthur develop my argument, and with the use of proper evidence and studies, this source as well as my first nuggetted source truly help in that search.

To compare this to one of the dreamers I chose, Nelson does a great job in explaining how the social reaction to technology determines how it will be used in the future, to connect this to the source, I can explain the power of social trends and how they affect the culture of products and actions.




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