Investigators Assemble!

Part 1: The Gathering

My three nuggets and current sources can be summarized to explain how an idol like sixpackshortcuts can manipulate the masses into following him and his commands like sheep. They also go into the pychology of the idol and what they might feel whilst manipulating and how they would cope with the possible giult and emotional stress that comes with it.

My tags consist of:

fitness, marketing, supplements, bodybuilding, health, youtube, social media, celebrity, and fame.

Part 2: The Planning

The discussion would begin by speaking of the culture of the fitness industry and the health system of today, how it is based off of self hating and low self esteem. It would go on to how entreprenuers could see this as an opportunity to make a lot of money off of peoples’ weaknesses, pushing into the psychology of the producer and how they deal with possible guilt from either ripping people off or harming their health.

Part 3: The Advising

My three dreamers play into this quite well because they all show how the growth of technology has affected human intellect. Licklider helps in showing the possibilities of combining technology with human intellect; ergo the creation of the internet, Engelbart provides evidence in how techonology has evolved and become much more simplified in a way that it can be used by all; the formation of social media websites including youtube, and Nelson shows the downfall in the generalization of technology, how we have become lost in the path of improvement and success, how we are forgetting the true potential of technology and its connection with human intellect, etc; instead of using the vast resources of the internet to satisfy our curiousity we depend on overly simplified and mostly uneducated sources who appeal to us (sixpackshortcuts).

Part 4: The Missioning

This would all be wrapped up with the strong example of the youtube sensation sixpackshortcut who became a celebrity in a matter of months based off the insecuirity of teens and is now not as active on youtube as he was when he first began the climb to fame. I would like to answer the inquiries of how he rose to fame, what kept his audience mesmorized, and why he may have taken steps back away from being a part of his creation.




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