Mapping my Dreamers (Concept Experience)



Erik’s post┬áconnected well with mine since we both spoke about how Engelbart and Licklider envisioned the future of techonology and their perception of growth and development. Joshua Kim’s post also connected with my post because of how we both represented Engelbart and Licklider as using techonology to maximize human intellect and possibilites. Griffon’s post from Professor Ryan’s section uses Licklider and Engelbart to compare and concluded that both dreamers can arguably be saying they believe technology should be used to make current procedures easier and more accessible which conflicts with my views on the readings a bit but overall is a similarity. In Vanessa Duah’s post, again from Prof. Ryan’s section, and again using Licklider and Engelbart, there is a difference making it seem as if Engelbart believes we are trying to move away from technology while Licklider believes the human mind and techonology is one.

The reason I chose these three dreamers and articles was because I believe they best associated with one another and developed off each other. I also see some type of connection with my future inquiry project and hope to reference these dreamers.




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