FIP Geolocation

Step 1) Ideally, my topic would revolve around: the fitness industry (muscle and fitness), marketing, celebrities, fan (person).

The fitness industry “offers many exercise and nutritional tips, while at the same time advertising a variety of nutritional supplements from companies such as Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition.”

Marketing is a “means of communication between the company and the consumer audience. Marketing is the adaptation of the commercial activities and use of institutions by the organizations with a purpose to induce behavioral change on a short-term or permanent basis.”

A celebrity is “fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, or group of people (celebrity couple, family etc.), or occasionally, to animals or fictional entities. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune) and fame can often provide opportunities to make money.”

A fan isĀ “a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band, a sports team, a genre, a book or an entertainer. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom.”

My project mostly revolves around marketing and the fitness industry. I view this two subjects as connected where as the fitness industry is using multiple marketing techniques and tricks to pursuade and manipulate people into buying products. I hope to bring this into light by showing the medical effects of the fitness industry’s marketing techniques.





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