The blog that I found extremely interesting was “What’s for Dinher” by Jessica. Even though the title has nothing to do with what the blog is about; the title itself is what caught my attention. This blog is all about media and how it has affected our society today. Everything she says is unfortunately true to some people about what our society faces because of technology and the media.  For example like Jessica says the use of phones and toting has affected our social development. Instead of people meeting up to talk and such, the use of texting even if you are a couple feet away is more common.  She also states a lot on her blog about how the Amazon Prime feature the company has have affected people. Even though it has a lot of benefits like free two day shipping and such people still spend way more than people that don’t pay the extra money yearly to have Amazon Prime.  I found her blog fascinating more than others I had browsed through because to me its amazing how much it has affected society today.  As I was reading this blog my mind was thinking of how much the society I live in has changed compared to the one my parents lived in.  If society has changed so much today than in recent years, what do we have coming in future years in regards to technology and the media?

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