Associative Trails

  1. Social Media


  1. Facebook


  1. Apple Inc.


  1. Ford Motor Company


  1. Pickup Truck


  1. Sports Entertainment


  1. American Football


8.Place Kicker


  1. Association Football


  1. FIFA

It’s pretty interesting that I went from social media to a pickup truck and ended up with a sport. The way I chose the links was by clicking on things that I have interest in. All of the 10 links have to do with me and what I enjoy.  I think its great that I had FIFA as my last link because it is the association of every soccer league in the world and soccer is my favorite sport to watch and play.  I can conclude that the computer was in charge because without it, it wouldn’t of given me the hundreds of links to choose from, my only task was to choose what I enjoy.



10 thoughts on “Associative Trails”

  1. So on the Wikipedia page “pick up truck” there was a link to “sports entertainment?” Really?! Some of the leaps seem pretty large for Wikipedia pages! A surprising trail. What does it say about your interests?

  2. I already saw two people picked social media to started include me ! I guess because it’s a big topic. The wikipeida narrow it down for us. Everything lick we clicked is base on our interests. I admitted that computer helps us a lot and we learn things from it

  3. Your trail is very similar to everyone else’s: it started with something you enjoy and evolved to a completely different topic that you also enjoy. It is kind of crazy to think that all you have to do is keep clicking different links that pertain to something you like, and then you end up completely off topic and on some site that has absolutely nothing to do with your initial search.

  4. I think your associative trail is interesting because in a way it groups together, some of the topics relate to each other in a consecutive way until the subject/matter changes. Very cool!

  5. It’s interesting how it goes from technological advances to different industries such as the sports or cars. This associative trails tells me a lot about you. I can tell that you like soccer, football, and trucks. These things ca say a lot about each person’s personality.

  6. I love soccer too! who’s your favorite team? HALA MADRID! Anyway, I tried to focus on the similar topic as well. It’s interesting that if you don’t focus on the topic you have, you will end up on a random topic which has nothing to do with the original topic at all. I guess from doing this activity, we gotta learn how to focus on our main topic and not getting lost.

  7. Its interesting how you came to this conclusion about the computer being in charge. I think since you went from Social Media to FIFA that you took full control of this trial. Those associations are unique to you.

  8. I like how you can get to pick up truck from social media. Wikipedia is really too broad that seem like all kind of topic combination would be possible.

  9. I just want to say I’m also a huge fan of soccer and FIFA. Pretty cool that you ended with FIFA and started with social media which was probably a starting point for most of the class. I noticed our trails were very similar from sports to cars to Apple. You obviously made associations to your various interests which is much like mine.

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