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I am studying about the possibility of having an immigration reform in the United States that would benefit immigrants that are currently here undocumented because i’d like to know why the United States government decides its best not to pass this reform, why the we need it, and how this immigration reform can benefit the United States and actual immigrants in order to help my readers question the opposition there is to this reform

Research Question: Why is it better to have an immigration reform?

This article explains why the United States needs an immigration reform. It explains and answers many question about how not having a reform is harmful and how it is unfair to immigrants. The way immigrants who come here to live a better life are treated is very unfair.  The other article contains  reasons people are against it and why its not better to have a reform but with counterarguments to those statements. Reasons to not have the reform in that article include, it could increase crime rate, american workers would lose jobs to immigrants, and that would it would change the nations identity.



Call for Response:

What are your views on this immigration topic?

Why should we give easier access citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

Is it fair to have people in immigration detention suffer from being away from their family members?

Isn’t it unfair to automatically say that crime rates would increase by legalizing undocumented immigrants as if they are the only responsible ones for crimes committed in the U.S?



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  1. Why is it “better” — implies you already have a view and you are going out to find info to support that.

    Maybe — to keep your project open to what you find — ask “How is immigration reform possible?” or “Why is immigration reform so controversial?” — then you can dig into the debate more, rather than just looking for proof that it’s “better.”

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