Ted Nelson at Mid-term

“At the last, it is to rescue the student from the inhuman teacher, and allow him to relate directly and personally to the intrinsically interesting subject matter, than we need to use computers in education.”

I found this quote interesting because I can relate to it. Many students including myself have had professors that are not easy to understand. In most cases it is because the professor is teaching in a way that we can’t comprehend or just simply find it boring the way they teach the class. Some people are just not that good at note taking (like myself) and when it comes to studying for the test they have trouble.

I just think that with the use of computer and online classes you have the ability to learn your own way and where everything is instructed and written online. I believe that with computers and the internet and students making use of it to learn what they are assigned makes it more beneficial. Everything there is to  learn is basically all over the internet for a student to have access and research.  I  personally find it much more interesting to learn from looking at videos online as well.  I like how this class is organized and taught. All of the activities in this class help us learn and better understand everything we need to know.


One thought on “Ted Nelson at Mid-term”

  1. Why do you like the organization? I’d like to hear you talk more about this — what you like. What causes you to stumble (or grumble). What helps you understand? the readings? the concept experiences? Your post is kind of vague — and leaves me with more questions than any indication of your mid-term feelings about the course and how they connect to Nelson.

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