Concept Experience Post: Obvious Research Question

Analyzing the Obvious

“Will Google robots inevitably destroy humanity?”

I know.  My research question was so obvious that my fingers wanted

to curl away from the computer keyboards.  2

I was truly fascinated by my brain’s capacity to process multiple information, especially looking at my history of internet pages after one another.  Without realizing, I started off typing “Google Robots” on Google search page, but I ended up on a webpage that talked about “human extinction”.

How did I get from Google Robots to human extinction? – was my question.  When I looked up Google Robots on Google search engine, I was greeted by words like, military use, war technology, Google on robot shopping spree to launch military robots, etc… There were no Google robots bought to save our environment, like a robot that protects nature from harm, or a robot that will be the caretakers or defenders of the earth: protecting us from environmental damage!  I was pretty sad to find that our technology advancement had lead to a struggle of world power.  Every time I clicked one webpage to another, disappointments kept building up, and I kept finding more corruption in our sad world.  What sadden me was the fact that the scientists were creating these robots with intention to kill humanity.  It was all about advancing their military power and it was like “show and tell” in a way, because all the google searches led me to a webpage boasting their God-given weapons that can replace the soldiers in the battle field.  Yet, these military weapon robots will be killing whoever will be fighting against these robots.   Why can’t we use robots to make a world a better place?

I came to conclusion that the problem was the solution.  It was like a Waldo finding himself.  Our society sugar coats how great technology is, but in reality, we are hiding our problem behind our solutions.  We come up with solutions like creating a robotic rehabilitation system for the injured soldiers, and boast how great it is for the handicapped veterans to use machined hands or arms or legs, but we conceal our mistakes in creating a weapon that will lead to human extinction.  We, as in society, tries to conceal our problems and tries to make the problems seem like it’s the solution, when it is not.  Just because we created a robot that can work like an actual arm does not mean we have solved our problem.  We didn’t even kill the root of problem-war; we just created another problem that we need to find a solution to.

In the mist of all the darkness I had revealed to myself through my research, I found beauty within my thought process.  The fact that no one can understand how I think or what I manage to process in my head, is the beauty of it all.  If any of my friends looked at my brain, my brain storming pages, or my internet history, they will not be able to understand or even get a clue about what I was thinking .  Even I am amazed to find that I had all these internet pages, or brain stormed ideas that were disorganized, but in my brain, I was able to straighten my ideas and organize them into this post.  That’s the beauty of this post.  My thoughts and my mind will be the only place in this world that will be private and the only place where I can find my solitude and peace.  And, what’s more fascinating and wonderful is that I can freely share my disorganized thoughts and ideas in my brain out loud in an organized words and expressions, so that others can, too, join in on what I am feeling or thinking.

“No one can steal our knowledge and our thoughts.  It’s something that is priceless and it’s something private you owe that no one will be able to take away from you.”


I have the beauty and the power to think and act upon my thoughts to make this world a better place.


15 thoughts on “Concept Experience Post: Obvious Research Question”

  1. I enjoyed your post a lot! I agree completely with you on how creating robots doesn’t solve our problems, but yet creates more. After watching movies on how robots take over the world and end up controlling humans and all life; they honestly really freak me out. I wish we’d just stick to letting humans do jobs we can already do. Instead of creating robot humans.

  2. I agree that everyone’s thought process is different so not all of our results will be the same. I liked your approach and especially your gif! You had a very interesting topic to begin with and figured out how to sift through all the un-useful stuff and find what you were looking for.

  3. Without actual examples I can’t comment on what you’re referring to on the subject of robots being used to kill humans. The popular example is drones, and with good reason. However the things that we do with drones aren’t things we can’t do with regular airplanes. It’s not that there’s not any technology being used in the environment ( but the people funding the military are the ones with way more money. This isn’t a new issue, or something that can be pinned on robots or other automated tech.

  4. It’s cool that you went through a lot of different ideas during you research process. What exactly is your primary text? It is important not to be too vague.

  5. I actually encountered a similar article on CNN London’s page from 2008 that discussed how machines would take over humans. I like your idea, however, I am not so familiar with specific robots. I think that you should look for robots/computers in specific types of scientific fields such as genetics and biotechnology. I’m sure you will find something there.

  6. Very interesting topic you decided to research. It’s amazing how much we rely on technology as the years pass, that sometimes as humans we forget that there are so many traditional methods still there that have faded away in our minds.

  7. It is absolutely heartbreaking how true your post is. All of the technological advancements in the world cannot make up for the fact that we are still so vehemently creating technology with the sole purpose of destruction. And I agree with you, society truly does conceals the horrific consequences of our technological advancements. Your search led you to results concerning war and the military, so I think that maybe instead of looking into how Google robots could potentially destroy humanity you could look into how military technological advancements might do the same. For example, look into what types of technology the military uses today in combat, such as drones or robotic missiles.

  8. You posted exactly what I was thinking when I was reading the article. Computers make us lazy and we are smarter then them in some aspects. For your paper I think it would be a good idea to format in an agreement/counter agreement essay. I like your overall idea for your paper. People need to know as technology grows, so do humans. Technology can never overpower us.

  9. This is a really interesting question but I’m not quite sure where you are trying to go with it. I assume you will be researching robots and how they can be helpful but what about other things that they can do that will be positive that isn’t just helping the environment. They are looking into using them for war to preserve humanity so I don’t really see where it is perceived that they are planning to overthrow us. We make the robots and I don’t believe that anyone is stupid enough to make a robot that makes robots because then we really aren’t in control anymore. I don’t know, I would really be interested to see where this research goes.

  10. I feel like your research question comes off a little vague needs some more refining. For example, when you say “kill humanity”, what exactly do mean? What kind of robots? Do you mean like robots constructed as humans or do you mean technology as some type of synonym for robots?

    Although I do feel like your topic would be an interesting read (from reading more about it in your analyzing portion of the assignment), I also feel like your research question isn’t as engaging . I think that research questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no doesn’t lead the reader to even more thought provoking questions.

    May you can start off the question using “what” or “how” since most of the time it won’t lead to a “yes” or “no” question. Also, including some words like “impact” or “affect” could be good word choices too. Maybe you can ask something like, “What significant impact do robots have on society – does it provide solutions or is it a means to hide behind our problems?”

  11. I can’t believe what our world is coming to. When we build technology for killing, i get worried. Technology can give us a great future if we want it to be, but some people aren’t content with just that. Everyone wants power, and strict regulations need to be placed on the production of certain technologies so that violence and dangerous ambitions can be stopped.

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