Some Assembly Required

Even though technology had helped aid in brining war victory, we can’t say that technology brought out the best in soldiers.  There are definitely negative effects of military technology advancement, like higher soldier’s death rates compared to the past death rates, when military technology was at its budding stage.  However, now that military technology is in full advancement, the creation of gadgets and machines that helps aid soldiers in war is actually causing more harm to the soldiers than good.  The soldiers become too dependent on military technology, and as a result, the soldiers slowly loose their intellectuals and their minds.  It could be said that they are slowly brainwashed by the effects of technological effect.  As Douglas Engelbart have stated in “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework”, “… man’s problem solving capability represents possibly the most important resource possessed by a society” (Engelbart).  The soldiers have the highest power of authority over themselves, and they have the capabilities to drive the military operations during wars.  However, by using military gadgets and tools, the soldiers loose their ability to think for themselves.   The soldiers rely heavily on physical mechanical aspects of military technology, instead of believing in a man’s problem solving capabilities.

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