Week 6: Reflective Post

It’s actually Week 7 into UNIV 200 course, even though I am writing Week 6 reflective post.  This post is past due date. I am a week behind in my UNIV 200 course load, due to the fact that I had an internal break down.  I had many dilemmas (let’s say happy/ depressive dilemmas) as to what I exactly wanted to study .  Original intention of my research topic was to prove the readers about the great advances of technology and how technology had a positive effect on military advancements.  However, as irony it may sound, the “positive” effects on military technology is actually pretty depressing.  The major discoveries or inventions that were made for the military were majority used as a weapon against our enemies, which consisted of IEDS (Improved Explosive Devices), atomic bombs, and tanks/ jets, etc… which were made to terminate entire colonies of humans when possible.  I was fairly not happy with my research topic, but I couldn’t change my research to a whole different topic, because then all my research that I had done past 6 weeks will go to waste.  So… in the end, I had decided to keep the topic of war, but took a different turn: I want to research more into what it means to be a solider in America, and how technology growth will have impact on soldiers alone.

Colin McLaughlin had the same concept as I intentionally had in mind.  As much as I love technology advancement, I wanted to inform the readers that not everything about technology is pretty smooth sailing.  I wanted to show, specifically in my research paper, the topic of military technology advancement, and how much innovation in military weapons and gadgets will inevitably destroy humanity without us knowing.  It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who is against technology advancement, and to see a fellow classmate in support for anti-technology. (Not saying all technology is bad… just few consequences of something good.)

While I may be anti-technology growth, the blogger, cabouniv200, explains the future of Facebook.  The blogger states that there is uncertainty that lies within the growth of Facebook and whether or not Facebook is at its prime state of demand.  And, I have to agree with the blogger that uncertainty is what lies ahead of us.  We will never know for sure that Facebook is in decline, or whether Facebook will be the hype for next generations.  Although, I doubt that, since MySpace (similar networking/ blogging concept as Facebook) had declined over the years.  I think, in the near future, there will be a new networking site that will replace Facebook, just like how MySpace has over-thrown Facebook.  It will be our constant strive to up-grade and evolve what we have, because it’s our instinct to want what we can’t have.  Maybe Facebook will change for the future generation to keep up with the hype, or maybe new website will be the new playground for us in the future.

One blog that caught my eye was blogger: The Khan Quest.  The Kahn Quest blog  contained information like the ever-changing Wikipedia.  I just assumed that Wikipedia will forever be in constant change due to the nature of the site performance.  However, the blogger states that he/she does not see a change for the Wikipedia site in the future.  In a way, this blogger can talk about the stableness and the firmness of the site’s name, but at the same time, can’t explain much about the purpose of the site due to broad spectrum of the topic itself.  This is what I struggled with my past research topic.  I wasn’t sure whether consistency would help support my argument, or whether I needed to find a different subject that I can counter-attack the differences within the subject itself.  This blogger reminded me of my struggles with this research paper writing, and how much I was inconsistent with my arguments.

In a way, I am glad to be “almost” finished with my research paper, but at the same time, it’s hard to let go of a project that I have worked over a month.  Honestly, I don’t know how my research writing will turn out, but I know for sure that there will be a lot of revision and modification till my final research project becomes finalized.  Can’t wait to see my finished 7 week long project.

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