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I chose Wix to base my research project on.  In a way, Wix is like rampages, but was more pro-folio-ed look.  I wanted to present my inquiry project as presentation slideshows, just like how I would use Powerpoint slides to explain one claim at a time.  I believe Wix’s got me sold on the ability to create slides within the webpages.  I can swipe my mouse to move into different topics, and I would want to have each different claims on different slides (so that my claims would be clear, and the supportive statements would follow through).  In a way, I chose to present my claims on the slides, because my research is organized into chronological order, from past to present.  By sliding the claims tabs, metaphorically, the audience is traveling from time to time, seeing the effects of technology advancement and what it means to be a soldier in 1700’s to present 2014 (like the visual effect of time-traveling).  I liked the way Wix was able to support pictures and videos within the slides, which will be usefully when I need to include visual aids to support my argumentative claims.

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