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Connections – Analyzing the Obvious

Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with “the obvious question”.   Due to my biased opinion on technology advancement, I had a hard time trying to research the benefits of technology.  Still in the back of my head, I have “love and hate relationship” with technology.  I see the benefits and the great effects of technology on human beings, but at the same time, I want our society to revert back to our old ways of communicating: meeting up with one another, communicating through telephone calls, and actually appreciating the actual relationships and humanity loves.

While looking at other student’s blogs, I can honestly say, there are times when I reflect back to see what I had done wrong in my research, or there are times when I didn’t feel confident enough to pursue my chosen topic.  And, even when I am writing this post, there are some parts of me that is still hesitant to research a topic on how technology is affecting humanity.  There are parts of me that are scared to find the real truth behind the whole purpose of technology, and there are parts of me that is eager to research more on the affects of technology.  Still as of right now, I have a one foot out the door and one foot inside the door.  I am still hesitant and unsure of my research topic.  You can say, hesitant.   However, reading other students’ blog posts helped me to choose my vague research topic into clarity.

Mirna Shaban had the same process of research method as how I had approach my research online.  I had a biased question in mind, “How significantly will technology (specifically Google Robots) affect our humanity?”  Mirna stated in her blog that she realized she was biased in her research.  By reading her blog, I felt taking a stand against something you believe in, is a one step that I needed to pursue with my research topic.  She was mainly focused on the benefits of robotic surgery, while I was mainly searching for Google Robots in military technology advancement.  Realizing that I was biased into my research topic really opened my eyes to see the greater picture.  Through Mirna’s blog, I went back to research the both, benefits and drawbacks to Google Robot in humanity affect.

Ifrah Ansari and Summer at VCU had about the similar approach to how I had approached my research topic.  They both tackled the main research question on the affect of technology on humanity and then tweaked their main stream question as they went along with their research.  I, also, had started off with a very main streamed question (“How will Google Robot affect our society?”), but had to change the question to make it more of an objective topic rather than subjective.

Definitely, looking back at my Obvious Research Question blog post, I realized how fickle I can be when I start comparing my research topic with other’s research topics.  As of right now, I know that I want to take a stand against anti-technology and write a research paper on how to prove the down turns of technology, but my worry is how to write a research paper that won’t be subjective.  I would want an objective view on my research, without my biased thoughts on technology, because then I can truly write a paper that can look into the whole picture, rather than a secular part of the problem.  From now on, I feel the need to do more research on how military technology advancement will affect humanity in general and what impact military technology will have on our human morals, whether it’s for the better or for the worst.

Extending My Dream Question:

“What are the long term effects of robotics technology in military, medicine, and education?  Are these negative or positive?”