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Filling My Toolbox

8 Sources:

1.  Vannevar Bush – “As We May Think”

2.  Doug Engelbart – “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework”

3.  Ted Nelson – “Computer Lib/ Dream Machines” (excerpts)

4.  Gabor S. Boritt & David Eisenhower – “War Comes Again: Comparative Vistas on the Civil War and World War II”

5.  Blair Howard – “Battlefields of the Civil War: A Guide for Travelers”

6.   Allen Douglas – “War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor: The Canard Enchaine and World War I”

7.   W. Seth Carus – “Military Technology and the Arms Trade: Changes and Their Impact” Pg. 163-174

8.  Alfred E. Thal Jr. & William D. Heuck Jr. – “Foresight – Military Technology Development: a Future-Based Approach Using Scenarios”  Pg. 49 – 65