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Groupthink in Beta


Zhara had taken a long introduction to ease the audience into her topic. Her thesis was clear and to the point: she prefers tumblr out of all the other networking sites. Her thesis is debatable, because other people with different opinions might disagree with her, saying tumblr is not the best social media site. Plus, she used claims like cyber bullying, which emphasized why tumblr was less of social networking website, and instead a blogging site, where people are free to post what they wish to post without judgements from others. Everything seems good to go with her project. Citations (Bibliography)=check. Her statements are clear and easy to understand=check.


Morganne is studying the topic of Pandora. She gives us why she wants to study Pandora as an introduction. She questions the legitimacy of Pandora’s technology, whether Pandora itself is technology. It took me some time to understand her thesis, because I was confused as to where she was referring Pandora as technology, the company itself, or the idea and the concept of Pandora music on internet. However, she furthers her claim to tell the readers that she is referring to a question:

Can Pandora really be called technology if it is completely controlled by humans? How do we define technology? I don’t believe that the World Wide Web is as deep as we have been led to think. Something so “ambiguous” as the Internet may actually be in the palm of our hands. I mean, think about it: what would the Internet be without people? It would just be sitting there with no purpose. Yes, we use the Internet, but we have more control over it than most people realize. Some technologies are advanced enough to function on their own, and we will call these products “computerized.” But most things on the Internet, especially for entertainment, are not. We will call these things, such as Pandora, humanized.

It was interesting to read her Inquiry Project, because she believed that we controlled technology, not technology controlling us. (And, I have different opinions from her, but reading through her blog post, I was agreeing with her with many of her statements and points.)

Dreamers Unite!



I want to look at the long term effects of robotics technology in military, medicine, and education (negatives and positives).  As a engineering student, I have always been fascinated with robotics technology.  Yet, I did not know the consequences of building a robot that would be equally as smart as human beings.  Now, scientists are creating robots with the main intention to kill human beings.  Through my research, I would like to see the actual root of robotics technology, and see the cause and effect of robotics technology in three fields: education, medicine, and military.

I first thought of military usage robots, but then through out my research, the creation of robots was rooted in education.  The start up of the robots creator were expansion of knowledge within education.  From there, I wanted to study robots and what they were made to do.  The purpose of robots lead me to military technology, where mostly, almost all robots were created to advance military power.  As depressing and unhappy my topic is, I wanted to know what was driving the robotics scientists to create a robot that will eventually wipe out all humanity.  I wanted to understand why these scientists were creating such monstrous robots.  And, if there was any way to stop the human destruction/ extinction.  Maybe after all my research, I will find the hidden truth behind all these robotics creation.

Robotics medicine all ties in with military, because robots in medicine are one of the solutions that promotes robotics technology advancement in military.  Veterans will be receiving robotic arms and legs that will be controlled by the main central brain, but these creation will not solve the “main problem”.  The main problem is to have control over rapidly advancing human killing robots in warfare.  Just if, we didn’t have robots that were meant to kill us… then we won’t be dwelled in creating a prosthetic robots.  Just if… technology was created to improve our lives for the better, then maybe we, as society, wouldn’t be wasting time concealing our rooted problems.  Just if…


Dreaming with Groupthink

I definitely want to study images and photographs.   As much as I enjoy taking photos with my camera, I love looking at other photographers’ work of art.  As a person who appreciates and loves any forms of photography, I have come to realize that I want to show the truth of what cameras really capture.

In Will Sullivan’s post, he states that “photos may contain many additional layers of deception”.  I do agree with Will that due to photoshop and many online photo shaping tools, photos and images become distorted in many ways.  Just like how the image below shows evidence of photo brushing and photo “re-shaping”.



Through out this course, I would love to study more on images and photographs, and be able to reveal the actual beauty of original image.