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Questing My Dream

I am studying the social impact, an advancement in robotic technology will have on military.  Even though not everyone is studying the same topic of research, there are similarities within the trend of the research.

There are few dreamers, who are searching about Google Glass.  For example, tariktilahun, UNIV 200 – Team Zoetrope blog, is searching about Google Glass and the Glass’ nifty “non-hand held” phone device.  I can incorporate Google Glass as one of the features of military advancement, and how Google Glass can be a “part” of my robotics studies.

Another blogger, khairnique, will be studying the neurotechnology, and explores how brains can be another way of communicating between one another.  Here, the blogger will “demonstrate how technology and our minds are forming a new style of communication”.  I want to see where this blogger goes with his or her research.  Maybe, just maybe, I can use some communicative information in my research paper about how robotic technology is broadening our communications in military.

I definitely know that having other bloggers, and teaming up with them will be helpful to my research.  The other bloggers might have found some information that I never knew, and when they share their articles on ThoughtVectors’ Diigo website, I can have twice the resource to write my research paper.  More information, and more knowledge I have over my research topic, more I will have things to write about!