Compose a super thoughtful and thorough blog post addressing the following:


  1. What is typically understood about your topic, providing necessary background of the issue.

What is understood about my assignment is that body shaming is bigger than what it seems. It takes a toll on people psychologically and that is unhealthy. My topic brings awareness to this issue with hopes that if someone is talking down on people on social media they’ll stop and realize the consequences of their actions.

2.   What you find problematic about the typical understanding of your topic, and why this problem is significant to understand.

I think my topic is pretty easy to understand because my topic is easy to relate to whether from personal experience or from seeing examples around them. At this moment I can’t find anything problematic.

3.  How the research you’ve conducted weighs in on (2) and helps frame how you understand the issue at hand

Most of my research contains background information so that when I state the issue people would know what I am talking about and they’ll have a good definition of the terms I bring up such as, body shaming.

4.  Your thesis; what you think people should embrace instead of (1) given (2) and (3).

The use of Instagram perpetuates negative body images among women especially with the development of low self-esteem, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

5.  The main points of your argument you wish to address demonstrating why (4) and the support you have for these points.

Body shaming leads to:

(1) Low self-esteem

(2) eating disorders

(3) Suicide

Part II: The Planning


  1. Eating Disorders
  2. Media Influence
  3. Body Image
  4. Suicide

Investigator 1:  This source helps my investigation because it gives background information on an outcome of my research question.

Investigator 2:  This source is my MAIN focus point, the influence social media has on self-esteem. This is what I am trying to prove. I will use this source to back up what I believe is the issue.

Investigator 3: This source is also going to be used to back up my research question. It describes the issues with body image and the factors that cause a negative body image.

Investigator 4: Even though this is a stretch, this source is a possible outcome of someone with low self-esteem. The whole point of me using this source is to bring awareness and to let people know not to take the smallest things lightly. People have shown warning signs on social media that they were going to commit suicide and for some, people didn’t notice until it was too late.

All of these sources and many more will all work together to add background and to strategically share my thoughts on the subject.

Nuggeting sources

This nugget post ties in with my research project because I plan to relate eating disorders as a health issue that is a result of low self-esteem from social media.

Body checking

•Repeated weighing
•Pinching or measuring the size of body parts (eg, circumference of wrist)
•Repeatedly checking the protrusion of specific bones
•Checking that specific clothes fit
•Mirror gazing
•Comparison with others’ bodies

Above is a list of body checking symptoms. People that have eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia tend to do these things and what stuck out to me the most is that they compare their bodies to other’s bodies. This key point falls in line perfectly with my argument. People see what they think is a perfect body on social media and then tend to compare themselves to that image as if they’re not good enough. Because they want to get that “perfect body” they do whatever they think is necessary to do so.

A major point in my argument is that eating disorders are an effect of body shamming on social media.

Research Reflection

As I continue this week’s research process I’ve learned that my topic is more serious than what I thought. I am definitely glad I decided to pursue the negative effect that social media has on body image and self-esteem. What has intrigued me is that males deal with this issue just as much as females.  Next, I tend to look more into the health effects of this major issue.

Scholarly Nugget Post

The scholarly article I chose to use is “Relationships between self-esteem, media influence and drive for thinness”, which explains how social media can affects how someone feels about their body.

The following passage is what caught my attention the most and is the basics of what I want to write about for my project: “The media is a powerful societal tool for expressing expectations about how men and women should look. As a result, over the past several years, women have shown an increase in body dissatisfaction (Cash, Morrow, Hrabosky, & Perry, 2004). The present study examined the relationships between drive for thinness, self-esteem, and media influence among men and women.”

This passage really resonates with what I want to explore. My research questions can use a few tweaks here and there but I am basically asking how does social media affect the way we view our bodies and where that leads. I also mention that I think body shaming in some cases can lead to eating disorders, body modifications gone wrong, and even suicide.

Futuring my Dream

In class today we did an activity to explore the current state of our digital text ad what it may look like 10 years for now.

Right now my Texting my Dream post is still in the development process. My topic is meant to create awareness on how social media can affect body image issues which could then lead to health issues. In ten years from now I think my text would still be relevant because no matter how many years or generations pass by there will always be some type of body shaming or people telling how you should look or what the popular look is. Hopefully in ten years my text could help others to love themselves and to learn about the dangers the health issues could cause. The only limitations that could still exist are people still believing that they need to look a certain way to be accepted by others. I predict these things because nothing is new under the sun if these things have occurred in generations before me and is still occurring now, what is to say that these issues won’t be still occurring ten years from now.

“Texting my Dream”

It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to write my Primary Text about. I wanted to make sure what ever I wrote about would be something important, could help others, and really interests me.  For many years, decades, and even generations body shaming has been as great deal in American society. So, to shine more light on this subject I have decided to do my Primary Text on the way Instagram adds fuel this fire.  Instagram is an app that people use to post pictures and videos of various things and share them with others. A lot of times people post “selfies” which, are pictures you take of yourself. Body shaming is when people make negative statements regarding another person’s weight or size. I have personally witness others being discriminated on Instagram for being overweight or for how they look. The way I look at is that when people are bullied on social media about their appearance, this creates a new, but related issue, eating disorders. People would starve themselves just to be accepted by the world. Not only do people develop eating disorders but  they also do dangerous body modifications such as plastic surgery and implants.  With my primary text I hope to show others that social media such as Instagram doesn’t define your beauty and you shouldn’t change yourself for acceptance.

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