A Nugget From As We May Think!

“Science has provided the swiftest communication between individuals; it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual.” -As We May Think

This nugget from the As We May Think article is the most meaningful to me because it shows how important science is in our world.  This particular section of the passage resonates with me because I am a strong believer that science is important for communication and improvements. It also describes how science changes everyday. Without the evolution of science we wouldn’t be able to communicate as easy as we do now.`

While searching on the internet I came across a social media website called Twitter. Over the years Twitter has changed in so many ways to benefit the way we communicate with others around us. This example correlates with the nugget I selected from As We May Think because the creation of Twitter has scientific aspects and it also has evolved and will continue to evolve to improve communication between individuals.

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