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The topics of the first four weeks relate to each other in their common purpose to achieve course learning objectives. Readings and lecture material complimented one another in order to instill  fundamental working knowledge of the factors related to behavioral and emotional heath and how they contribute to overall wellbeing and mental health.

I found it disappointing (yet not all-together surprising) that “positive psychology” is not a more prominent pillar of psychology research. Before transferring VCU I had all the requirements for a minor in psychology from a small liberal arts school. I’ve taken classes such as “cognitive psychology,” “biological basis of behavior,” “health psychology,” and “evolutionary psychology.” Yet, I had never heard of the Keyes’ model of complete mental health. I did not know, for example, that mental illness and mental health exist as separate entities. My understanding of happiness evolved when I came to realize that mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness.

The material I found most interesting was the lecture on translational science. I have perviously considered making a career of science writing (science journalism) because I think a major shortcoming of the scientific community is the failure to disseminate research findings in a meaningful way. COBE, The Well, and library services all VCU resources that strive to improve students’ performance by integrating health perspectives/knowledge. I think it’s critical that society begins to recognize that mental disorders, such as major depression, are physiological phenomenons similar to diseases.

Adolescence is the age at which many genetic predispositions¬† most commonly emerge. I’m glad to be taking this course as a (super)senior because you can be retrospective of the undergraduate journey and reflect on my personal growth during this period. With age and counseling, I’ve become able to to better cope with/understand my mood states over the years. I’m eager to improve my well-being through the concepts we’re learning in this course..

I commented on the posts of Kyla Claiborne and Mosbysc.

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  1. I agree that in taking this course later in my college experience, I was able to get the most from the topics discussed and be able to reflect back on my own life. If I were to take this as a freshman, I do not believe I would have the same experience. The amount of growth that happens in college is exponential and I was able to put more into this course.

  2. Alison, I enjoyed reading your blog and too agree that the notion of positive psychology not being a crucial part of psychology is a bad thing. Positive psychology makes it able for people to not only be helped, but to be able to be more independent than before in a sense and learn how to be happier instead of just “curing.”

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