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EDLP 711 has challenged us to evaluate an issue that is currently plaguing our organization.  There are many common issues among K-12 comprehensive schools such as teacher/student morale, disproportionate discipline data, and teacher shortages; however, I chose to focus on an issue that is specifically unique to my organization.

The challenge facing my organization is the implementation of Global Citizenship components across all curriculum areas.  This Global Citizenship Integration is my school’s Hedgehog, a concept developed by Jim Collins in his book, From Good to Great.  For my organization, providing Global Connections to every course is intersection about what my organization is passionate about, where my organizations resources are spent, and what my organization can be best at.  Unfortunately, at this time, my organization is still working on finding the true mission of Global Citizenship implementation across all curriculum areas.  The evaluation is intended to determine if this program is a true mission of the school or simply an unaccomplished initiative.

The purpose of my evaluation is to determine teachers perceptions of this hedgehog concept.  How do teachers define Global Citizenship?  Do teachers value Global Citizenship as a key component of their curriculum?  Do teachers see Global Citizenship as a true mission or simply a checkbox to be marked off?

Also to be evaluated is the school’s Global Citizenship competencies:

  • Building capacity for empathy through knowledge and celebration of a variety of cultures.
  • Giving students purpose by encouraging and supporting meaningful projects for local, national, and global action.
  • Creating a network of global student partners through student exchange, web connections, and international travel.
  • Encouraging students to be stewards of their own learning by thinking about their thinking (meta-cognition) and regularly engaging in purposeful reflection.


One thought on “Blog Post – Evaluating an Organizational Problem

  • September 18, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    I’ll be curious to learn what Global Citizenship looks like in theory and in practice. It’s one thing to talk about the things that might be done to create global citizenship and another to actually do them. And even if done, whether they are shaped toward global citizenship


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