Final Reflection

I feel that this class delivered on its goals very well, in fact. My biggest takeaway was were the concepts and paradigms of eLearning, and learning in general. I benefitted a lot form learning how pedagogy and androgogy differ, because I plan to use more of the latter. I had a class in educational psychology two semesters ago, and in this class we learn about frameworks and paradigms in conventional classroom settings. Though we went over the many different contexts, I still had the most trouble in understanding constructivism. I conflated the idea with the idea that constructivism was all centered around how the instructor constructed the learning environment of the students. I know understand that it is more learner-centered and has to do with how the “student” learns from their environment and its construction. This was very helpful for me to understand.

I also have been introduced to new technologies and platforms. Rampages and Twitter namely, were still foreign to me upon enrolling in this class. I know that the stereotype of the millenial is that we LOVE Twitter, but I’ve never liked it and always avoided using it directly. I still don’t care for it for personal use, but now see how useful its application can be in an educational context. I am going to try to find more applications for it professionally but will mostly like never use it outside of that. Rampages on the otherhand has taught me about blogging, which I don’t mind learning more about in my personal life; I can see myself using it to share my ideas, opinions, story etc. I enjoyed learning about the different functionalities of a blogging platform but I admit I’m not as savvy as I’d like to be. I will continue to play around with these types of platforms and see what comes of it. I can better meet the goals of “Identify design elements, instructor and student roles, community building strategies, and the role of feedback and assessment in creating online learning experiences.” by taking more time outside the classroom context to see how D&I work can be progressed in an eLearning context. I think that my semester has been a rough one due to some deeply personally events that distracted me and for a while I felt like I was just trying to stay afloat, so I’d like to revisit this objective on my own without the stress of deadlines and grades, so that I can do some critical thinking in how to progress my work electronically.

The activities that resonated best with me were the videos. This sounds kind of like a cop-out, but even in my personal life, I prefer to to do self-regulated, private training/learning via YouTube videos. The stress of deadlines, and interactions with classmate tend to “paralyze” me in ways that are still hard for me to explain. I’d rather interact with people in person, and writing as means of communication does not allow me the necessary nuance and immediate feedback that usually make me a good communicator. I feel a bit guilty about how I “showed up” for this course because it my first intensive online course and I had to reconcile a lot of my learning styles with this platform that left me feeling uneasy and a bit frsutstrated. That said, I think this is a very particular dynamic and I KNOW that there are people out there that see this platform as heaven-sent. I just prefer this physical classroom, but do not have the schedule to allow it with work, so for those reasons I think the pros outweigh the cons.

I am not sure how I would improve this class, because I think that it did a great job in providing for learning while allowing for schedule fluidity.






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