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I would love feedback on how the activities provided for learning in the D&I realm. Do you think that this course could provide for substantive learning? Also, is the information to convoluted? Should I make the information more simplistic or accessible? Also, is there too much work involved?

I believe that I could improve on the course by getting to know Rampages’ functionality a bit more and how to incorporate social media platforms like Tumblr. I also want to improve on the LMS platform, I liked using Rampages because I was learning it for the purposes of this course. If I had more time I would explore many more LMS platforms and become trained in facilitation in each one that seemed relevant to my topic.

I would like my module to be evaluated on relevance and ease of use. Please let me know if the information was easy to access and time-friendly. My module was envisioned to be applied to people who are being trained in D&I (diversity and inclusion) as  volunteer work. At my job at VCU, I was trained to be a D&I facilitator as an extra role that was added to my full-time job, even though D&I was not really relevant to the work I was already doing. In doing this, I remember how much stress the work load added to my already stressful job, and I was not compensated. I want this to provide for learning without adding too much to those participating. I wanted to add a lot of videos and some short readings to instill relevant information, without taxing my audience. That said, I also want the module to be effective in getting participants to think critically about D&I. It’s a lot to balance, but I think it’s important to be considerate to the realities of adult working schedules. Also, I wanted this course to be a module that gives D&I facilitators resources to use in their own facilitations. Lastly, I want this module to change how participants view their surroundings and question how they navigate these surroundings in terms of fostering more diversity, equity, justice and inclusion in their own contexts.





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  1. First, I think you did a great job of creating a module on an important subject matter.

    Do you think that this course could provide for substantive learning? Also, is the information to convoluted? Should I make the information more simplistic or accessible? Also, is there too much work involved?

    I think this module will expose learners to important topics and material. To me the information is not convoluted. But I would suggest clearly communicating your goals and objectives for the module, I know you state the desire to “operationalize these concepts” but stating the specific goals will help in trying to operationalize the learning. I would also suggest, as this is an introduction to D&I to focus on the varying definition of the words “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice” these are powerful words in their own right, let alone their implications. Maybe, you give the abstract definition and then move to the practical implication. I feel people “think” they know what these terms mean, but do not know what they look like in action.

    I would consider adding a resource page where you could put important websites or other resources which student could refer to for their own learning on the topics. And I know you were talking about doing research on other LMS, but I would make sure to utilize google docs and forms for ease of access for the students.

    Not wanting to make this module onerous is a great goal, especially if a person is doing the module for self-enrichment. I did enjoy the videos and found them informative and useful. For the responses, you encourage the use of multimedia, but it might be helpful to the learner to have an example, or say use Youtube or whatever. From personal experience, students don’t necessarily think about using Instagram or some other social media platform to communicate their ideas in a learning environment, unless stated, and even modelled.
    I think you are on point, with your subject matter. You may also want to state how discussion will occur between you and the student, or other students. I know it is a little bit up in the air, but thinking and communicating how you will facilitate dialogue is important. You may want to even have a group online Zoom discussion once a week, or something of the sort.

    I know this is the end of the class, and I feel like this is a great module with a lot of useful content. If you need any further assistance or clarification on my comments, please email me or Monty. Furthermore, if you would like further help as you develop this module more, Monty and I would be happy to help. Thank you for a great summer.

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