Self Regulated Learning

I think that rely-regulation is a really important skill to acquire in the domain of eLearning. Because there is no physical presence of a professor or instructor to prompt assignments, self-regulation is one of the skills that can help students create an organic flow to completing assignments, while combatting the stress of procrastination.

Goal setting and scheduling are major components of SRL, and should be taught as such. I know from personal experience that this is something that I struggle with personally. Full transparency: I am making-up this assignment, due to being check-out out after losing a very close family member. I could have benefitted GREATLY from participating in this assignment when it was originally assigned. I could have used the techniques geared around goal-setting and scheduling my assignments. This is my first intensive online course and I think I suffered a bit for not employing the techniques in the reading.

In my course, I will add sources for SRL in my my first assignment to help students plan out their techniques for regulating their learning and submission of assignments. I truly believe this would be helpful for them at the onset of the course. I am not typically a planner, but this is absolutely a growth area for me and I advocate it to others. It is not particularly glamorous, but the most valuable work rarely is.




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