Simulation week was kind of a mystery as everyone is under the honor code to keep it a secret. To begin the week we had virtual simulations. I found these to be very interesting. Especially because one could learn from trial and error and attempt it multiple times. For initial case history and interview, it… Continue reading ICE REFLECTION


“Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner” Jen Watson The artwork I chose is by a Canadian artist Jen Watson. The painting is titled “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner”. This piece was created by the artist to depict her own experience with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. In the artwork, the artist aptly puts together her three meals of the… Continue reading VIRTUAL GALLERY

Personal Bio

    I graduated with a BSc in Computer Sciences from Pakistan. I worked in banking for a few years till I moved to the US in 2011. I am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Virginia commonwealth university. My journey from switching continents to switching careers has been a great… Continue reading Personal Bio

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