Welcome to An Exciting Beginning…

    The Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences proudly presents the History and Health Program, which will examine and challenge our understanding of VCU’s role in the history of Richmond and our nation.


Local News Excerpts from VCU Libraries

    The History and Health Program will focus on a variety of topics that link our institutional history with the history of our city and current healthcare policies and practices. The first focus topic for the program will be on racial equity specifically related to health outcomes for Black Americans. For example, what part has VCU played in a city with a history so intertwined with slavery? Why do residents of Richmond’s majority-White neighborhoods, such as Westover Hills, live an average of 20 years longer than do the residents of nearby majority-Black communities, such as Gilpin? These questions and more will be addressed over the next several months.

    We invite you to attend our series of monthly virtual events and visit our online learning modules throughout the calendar year. These experiences are intended to inspire and equip participants for further public and private conversations regarding health equity, diversity, equity and inclusion. VCU and VCU Health employees and students who participate in a majority of the History and Health Program events and online modules will earn a virtual badge. VCU Health employees may count their History and Health Program participation hours towards their DEI training requirements.

VCU Health team members kneel in support of Black Lives Matter to stand against racism.

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