Thoughts On Listening

This piece started out very calm and soothing. It then started to get really chaotic and frightening. By the time i stopped listening, it was calm again and more musical. I listened to about 32 minutes of it because i had a hard time finding musical sounds. I heard a bunch of noises from what seemed like a cat purring to a toy airplane to a man screaming. It was hard for me to imagine those in musical pieces. The sounds i found to be musical enough to be sampled for music are at 3:20, 14:59, and 30:18. The first musical sound was at 3:20 because there is a bell and a drum with a vibration sound. I would use it at the beginning because it’s gentle and slow. It allows you to build up to an intense part if you’d like. At 14:59, it sounds like heavy rain fall. That could be used as background sound for music that’s supposed to be relaxing. Most likely added to in the background of a piano piece. Finally, at 30:18, there’s a humming sound with some type on instrument in the background. That could be used in different parts of a piece as it’s very soothing. It sounds like some type of cultural piece.

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