Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  1. How does the developing romance between Harry and Ginny differ in this novel and in the movie? How do you think that changes how people view the couple in the book and in the movie?
  2. Should Dumbledore have disclosed his whereabouts to Harry sooner than he did? What would have made it beneficial to do so?
  3. Do you think Draco would have killed Dumbledore had Snape not arrived?
  4. Snape is an extremely complex character throughout the Harry Potter series. Why is he willing to make the unbreakable vow? Where do you think his true allegiance lies?
  5. Why do you think it takes Dumbledore so long to take Harry’s concerns about Malfoy seriously?
  6. Dumbledore’s private lessons with Harry consists mainly of learning the history and background behind Tom Riddle. Why do you think it’s important for Harry to have this information?
  7. It is mentioned in the earlier chapters that dumbledore did in fact cast a spell on the house to protect Harry, as long as he called this place his home – but if that spell is possible, why has Harry not been removed from the awful home of his uncle and aunt? Why couldn’t the spell be casted on a different home or place? What would change in the series if it did happen?
  8. What do you think was the true purpose of the chapter of the hexed/cursed necklace? What we the intention do you think, and if the package was not interrupted from being delivered, would the outcome be?
  9. Given the history of Tom Riddle at the orphanage (killing a rabbit, bullying), which are all signs of a classic ‘psychopath’, then why da hell was dumbledore stupid enough to enroll his ass in hogwarts and create the most evil and deadliest wizard of ALL TIME???????!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!??!
  10. Harry uses a potions book owned by the ‘half blood prince’ and with the aid from the book he excelled at potions. Do you think that Harry would have done well in potions regardless without Snape being there or did he only do well b/c of the book?
  11. Why do you think Narcissa insisted that Severus needed to help Draco? Why is the Unbreakable Vow necessary?
  12. Why does Harry seem to be the only one concerned about Draco becoming a Death Eater? Why aren’t his concerns addressed in other characters as well?
  13. Do you think it was naive of Harry to use Sectumsempra on Draco without even knowing what exactly it did?