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Link to House Robes (Slytherin) (Gryffindor) (Meriah–I get so many points! Woo!) (There are also guilds for Hogwarts, and each house, and college students, people with anxiety, etc.) (and other site content)

Online language learning tools: (if you’re anything like me and can’t sit still long enough to get through more than one chapter, heres a free playlist for the audio version of all the books. You can play while doing other things.) (Hufflepuff)  ( A cool exhibition where you can get a look into the props and creating behind the movies) – Ravenclaw (Interactive Harry Potter Experience) – Ravenclaw ( for you  quidditch fans) – Ravenclaw  (archive for interviews and quotes having to do with JK Rowling)- Ravenclaw -Ravenclaw (reading the Flesh-Eating Trees of the World for those interested in knowing different types of plants like Snargaluff) (Gryffindor)    (Gryffindor) – Some random old HP games (Slytherin) – Hogwarts Virtual RolePlay (Slytherin) – HP Fansite/Forum Community (Slytherin) – HP THEMED ONLINE DATING OMG (Slytherin) – make an account and can download music, just have to give credit (Gryffindor) There is an event in VA Sept8-10 (Gryffindor) Youtube channel with stacks of backgrounds you can use for your green screen footage)(Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) – Youtube Channel with licensed footage from all the movies (Slytherin) – HP Fonts available for download (Slytherin) – This looks so cool! (Slytherin) – HP related online quizzes (Slytherin) (Slytherin) (Slytherin) (Slytherin) (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) so you can waste your life and money (Gryffindor) Usually has supplemental info to what is already published on pottermore (Gryffindor) cursed child supplemental info to what is already on pottermore (Gryffindor) to make you adore her more (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) If you need a laugh (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor)  (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) (Gryffindor) text to voice, there are some really realistic and hilarious ones (Slytherin) The recipe for Pumpkin Pasties (2 ways!) (Slytherin)