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It’s Time!

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There is no time like the present to change your life for the better! I have learned many things during my time in this Science of Happiness class. One of the major lessons was that not everything that happens to you is determined by your genetics but not everything is entirely your fault either. For example, you can be genetically predisposed to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but the choice ultimately comes down to your decision to consume the drugs or alcohol. Your personality traits can also play a part in your decision making; more impulsive people are more prone to drug or alcohol abuse. It just seems that sometimes the cards are stacked against you and your fight for independence from substances. The same goes for addiction of other types; games, social media, cellphones, and anything else that you instinctively run to to avoid reality. I had a subconscious dependence on my phone when it came to social interactions. I would instinctively jump on it whenever I was put in uncomfortable situations. I know many people that are the same in that regard. I want to use what I have learned here to help myself and others that suffer from depression. I am tired of always being sad and feeling sorry for myself.

I will apply the material that I have learned in this class in my daily life by starting to practice mindfulness and positive psychology. I have already started practicing positive psychology through random acts of kindness because everyone needs to feel appreciated now and again. I will also try to implement more no-screen time before bed in order to help my sleep cycle and insomnia.

I do not have an active social media presence, but I will attempt to spread the knowledge that I have learned in this class to my friends and relatives. I have multiple family members that would benefit from the knowledge about depression the most.

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  1. I also touched upon genetics and one’s environment in my blog post, too! I really like how you phrased that genetics doesn’t necessarily determine all aspects of someone’s life. It’s crazy how although we may be predisposed to something, we can consciously alter how we might be affected through environmental changes. Great blog post!

  2. I really like the idea of implementing positive psycology into your daily life. It wasn’t one of the topics I considered and I want to change that. Simply doing one kind thing for someone else during the day would be enough. I know when a stranger does something nice for me, it can make my day.

  3. I love that you are actively working to make the world better by doing random acts of kindness! I think it’s awesome to recognize that the happiness of those around us effect our own happiness as well, so it’s important to show others that they matter.

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