Upcoming Talks

This series is brought to you by the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences (VCU Libraries), C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research, and the VCU Postdoctoral Association.

Each session takes place on Mondays at the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, 509 N. 12th St., second-floor lecture room (2-010) from noon to 1 p.m. Space is limited, register now.

Nov. 11, 2019
Pictures and Numbers: How to Effectively Communicate Your Data [Register Here]
Tristan Raisch

How do you take the results of an experiment and present them so that someone else can understand the point you are trying to make? Whether it is microscopic images or numerical data, some choices must be made. In this talk, we discuss how we can approach quantifying and visualizing data and why the “right” way isn’t so much an objective reality but a method that answers a specific question.
Nov. 18, 2019
Designing Obstacle Avoidance Tools for the Visually Impaired Using Modern Technology [Register Here]
He Zhang

This session will cover how to select and calibrate cameras for use in wayfinding and obstacle avoidance for use by the visually impaired community.