What Will I Dream?


Things I like about the internet? Hmmm…

I wish I knew how to properly embed this video, but alas, I do not. The link above belongs to the music video for Chance The Rapper’s “Juice.” Undoubtedly the thing I love most about the internet is YouTube. It is an astoundingly creative forum and the quality of work that has become increasingly prevalent on this site has all the attributes of artistic mastery.

I enjoy reading various tumblr blogs I may run across in my jaunts across the internet, but have never kept one myself.



Another small piece of the internet that I love dearly is noisetrade.com

It is a free music sharing site, ostensibly the same as others of it’s kind, but the quality of music on this site is just excellent.

Overall, I love anything on the internet that facilitates creativity and makes it easy for people to share that creativity with others.

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