Real Estate Search

The title of this concept experience made me laugh because in all honesty, the estate i am searching for isn’t technically “real” estate at all. It’s imaginary estate. Or at least not physical. But I digress.

In a very small amount of time, I realized that I want to create another rampages site to house my Inquiry Project. After looking at other web hosting services, I realized that I am not nearly as adept at website design as I thought I was (a joke. this was never a skill I believed I possessed). The prospect of having to learn how to navigate the design and customization process of yet another blog/web hosting site in addition to crafting a final project (on a touchy subject at that) was just too much for me to contemplate. So not out of laziness, but out of survival instinct the lucky winner that gets to host my final Inquiry Project is Rampages! Thanks to VCU for joining up with wordpress so that we can use such a great web hosting service for free.

Once my Inquiry Project is complete, it can be found at

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