While analyzing the Assessment and Feedback Inventories I realized how the large majority of assignments and feedback is identical within the courses I lead.  This is something I have been dealing with since I started last August.  I believe there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for the academic course that facilitates a student’s internship to be dynamic and interactive, assisting students to build their portfolio and personal brand as they graduate and enter the workforce.


I believe previous individuals have struggled to harness this opportunity based on their preferences and mainly due to the sheer volume of students supervised.  I personally discovered how difficult it was to create changes to the course during winter break when I was only able to finalize a small portion of the ideas I hoped for.  In my head I thought winter break would be a great opportunity to utilize down time to make changes, but quickly found that as soon as fall internships were wrapping up whatever down time I may of had was consumed with spring internship proposals and contracts.


The new assessment idea I have to implement will be turning final self evaluations from a boring paper assignment where students type responses to prompted questions into an opportunity for students to reflect on their experience utilizing a short video.   I think this will be a welcome change for students and if implemented with a rampage blog system would be an opportunity for them to share valuable information for future students interested in the same site.


As the course instructor I am personally hoping to find out how honest students are with their internship review.  I often believe students write what they think I want to hear with hopes of getting a better grade.  The video format would challenge students to fabricate experiences they did not have and to be brutally honest about their internship.  This is exactly what I want to know and think future students would benefit from knowing.

Creating information for the new assignment will be easy, though require a significant amount of work on my end.  I will need to be 100% fully functioning with wordpress before it is used by students for the course and I will need to also ensure there is a way for individual share digital media that avoids any potential issues on my end as the course instructor.  The actual assignment will simply involve changing the current document into a modified version, informing students to utilize the prompts as a guide while creating their video evaluation.  I would also take the current instructions for maximize video media provided during a mock skype interview assignment (using interviewstream) to ensure students present themselves in a professional manner with the recording.




  1. David Croteau March 30, 2016 at 3:18 pm


    Interesting change. Since you’ve got a large number of students, you’ll definitely want to think through how students can most easily submit their videos. (Tom can probably help with that.)

    It’ll be interest to see how the reflections may be different when in the form of a video rather than an essay. There’s opportunity for a little research there!

  2. jdiritto April 1, 2016 at 8:31 pm


    Everything is so complex due to the volume of students! I have no idea how the previous individual handled things while requiring hard copy submissions for certain things; I struggle to stay sane even using google forms and sheets to process all the site proposals/etc.

  3. Tom Woodward April 4, 2016 at 4:37 pm


    Massive numbers of videos and trouble free workflows will require some forethought and a bit of prep work but it’s doable. Depending on a few factors, I may or may not recommend using WordPress as the bridge.

    Let me know as you firm up your ideas and I can show you a few different possibilities.

  4. Jeff Diritto April 4, 2016 at 7:03 pm


    Good to know! I was thinking of having students use youtube and then they could post the video to their blog if they desired to make it public and post a or upload the video to blackboard for the formal grading process. It may also turn into two videos; 1 reviewing their supervisor/site and another evaluating personal strengths/weakness, figuring students may be less likely to publicly post a self analysis.

    I guess a public review of their site/supervisor could have negative consequences as well — students could unjustly blast an individual and/or organization and those individuals could potentially find the video, which would not be ideal.

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